Championing Education

As a former schoolteacher and now Chair of the Senate Early Leaning & K-12 Education Committee, our education system is my top priority. In my first term, we made record investments in our public schools in response to the Supreme Court's McCleary Decision. Now we’re working to assure the system gets all children ready for a 21st Century economy.

We are working to improve academic achievement, ensure we retain and recruit high quality teachers and achieve more equity throughout our school districts across the state.

Our next challenge will be to increase opportunities for pre-k learning. Our children don't start learning at age five. The biggest impact comes from assuring every child gets the best healthy start 0 to 5.


Protecting Our Environment

Our kids and our grandkids should have the same future and opportunities that we had growing up. That means doing everything we can to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels by transitioning to a green energy portfolio. Governor Jay Inslee has taken many courageous steps toward making Washington State a national leader in the fight against Climate Change but we have much more to do: retrofitting old buildings, increasing mass transit, providing funding for energy innovation research especially around appliances and batteries and, of course, continuing innovation around solar and wind technologies.

Ensuring Affordable Housing and Reducing Homelessness

Our region is facing an urgent housing crisis. We need to build regional partnerships with local and state government, non-profits and private business to rapidly increase the supply of affordable housing. 

We need to increase investments in mental health and human services to make sure people can get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Providing Affordable and Accessible Health Care

Our health care costs are still rising dramatically. We took a great step toward addressing this by creating a public option which will create an alternative option to high priced insurance, high prescription co-pays and thousands without any access to insurance at all. 

Enacting Strong Gun Safety Laws

We still have too many deaths from gun violence in our communities in the United States. In my first term, we passed a number of critical gun safety laws including a ban on "bumpstocks".

However, this is not enough, I will push for a ban on high capacity magazines and assault weapons in my second term.

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